Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - Review

First generation smartphones had small screens. However, this didn’t change for the following years either. Then, in 2011, Samsung announced the first Galaxy Note. It not only had a huge screen ( for 2011’s standards ) but also supported a pen. Therefore, most of the people criticized Samsung. However, that was the beginning of the phablets which became more popular than anyone would expect 5 years ago.

After several generations, here is the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Samsung’s best phone and probably the best phablet in the market.

Design | 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s design has nothing new. Glass and metal body was available on nearly every Samsung phone since S6 so is the edge screen. Don’t get me wrong though. Its design is awesome and practical as well.

For example, thanks to the edges on its display, it is 2.2mm narrower than the Note 5. Also, it feels small for a phone that has a 5.7-inch display.

The one thing to criticize with its design might be how fragile it is. Despite the fact that it has a gorilla glass 5 on front and back, still you shouldn’t drop the new Note 7. Also, still Gorilla Glass cannot prevent finger prints.

Display | 10

Samsung phones were always packed the great display which also continues on the Note 7 as well. Having a 5.7-inch Dual Curved QHD AMOLED Display, Note 7 offers great colors and clear images.

The other unique point of the phone is also its brightness. So far, Note 7 has the brightest screen with more than 1000 nit.

Performance | 9

Samsung annoyingly continues to make region based phones. In this case, you will get the SnapDragon 820, if you live in United States. On the other hand, if you live in anywhere but U.S and Canada, then you get the Exynos version. Although Samsung greatly improved its own processors, still they should either trust to their own processors or just stick to SnapDragon.

In any case though, Note 7 is fast and stable. Although still there is a doubt about its stability in a long period.

It is definitely one of the most powerful phones in the world which even competes with computers.

My only criticism about Note 7 is that it could offer better hardware as expected. Even though it is more powerful than you will ever need, it could differ from the current phones by packing 6GB of RAM.

Camera | 9

We reached to a point where there is nothing to talk about the new improvements over camera and performance. For the last few generations, cameras were awesome and now, they are competing with professional cameras. Even though still there is a difference between DSLRs and mobile cameras, mobile phones are really close to have DSLR-like cameras.

Anyway, back to commenting on Note 7’s camera, we can say nothing bad about it. Like any Samsung phone, it makes the colors really bright and makes the photos look great ( after adjusting the each image by software ).

Software | 6

Software was a huge issue with Samsung phones. TouchWiz always had a lot of features but it struggled to be stable and fast. Although Samsung solved most of the problems with TouchWiz, still it needs improvements. Despite of carrier bloatware apps, there are duplicate and unnecessary apps.

In other words, TouchWiz is better than ever but still, it needs revision.

Battery | 10

Right now, our phones have great displays, fast processors and amazing cameras. However, the battery issue has not been solved. Still, you have to charge your phone every day and sometimes, twice a day. Nevertheless, making the battery bigger is not a complete solution. Yes, it extends the battery life but does not remove the need for charging the phone each day.

The solution might be changing the battery type. There were some alternatives to Lithium ion batteries, but economically, it is more radical to use lithium ion.

Even though companies supposed to change the battery technology by now, it looks like we will continue to have the same problem for the next few weeks .

Conclusion | 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 can be selected as the best Android phone despite its high price. However, it is not still perfect. For example, TouchWiz still needs improvements and the same thing can also be said for the security and updates.