Life in Writing and Art

I must have the digital art fever with inspiration to write and browse online. I'm sure there is more. It would be too long of a list to mention here. But I'm drawn to create art like never before using tons of apps like they are going out of style and write write write my heart out. Not to mention sharing mental illness and stigma. I want to share as much information with you as possible without a coffee stimulant. I have a Twitter account, a Facebook accounts, and a blog on my experience with all the following I mentioned. Books, writing, art, mental illness awareness, and my freedom of expression. Thank you internet. Of course, I believe in a healthy way of contributing like here for instance. I just finished a new children's book “Chewy Toy And Sock". Every day problem solving with family members. Ages 3–8. Also, it may be purchased on Kindle, Amazon, and e-books. The book will be out by June 15, 2015. Also, in the making process “Yummy Pea" for toddlers. How to count and enjoy delicious green vegetables in a mindful way by really enjoying green vegetables. I'm a self publishing author. I do all my art covers, and any art that is needed for my books. Im a mother of three children, so I have a lot to write about and introduce enthusiasm and creative awareness to my audience and to my readers. I'm elated and full of joy. Thank You for reading. The day is here to begin with you. My little motto to share with all of you.

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