My -thoughts -on “Little Bo Peep”

Delving into the classic children literature, and unfolding our own imagination, strengths and abilities. This could very well be creative problem solving solutions at work. A small hint of future innovation.

How does one lose a Sheep? -A girl, hmm … - we are natural born task managers.

I've ask myself this question every- time I have read it.

Here! Is what I came up with just based on what the story entails her, and at what expense. Furthermore, I'm fascinated by childrens literature. The rhyming is a lot of fun and seems to bring on an excitement of child like play within all of us. (Pondering),

Could “Little Bo Peep” be too small to handle such a task?

I think working at “home” (the home, yard, farm, family business, -considered as one)- flows with ease for girls. It's a piece of cake, right? Does her size have any relation to -”not fitting into the norm”. Possibly, as an (opinion), delay-in her early child -development?

This could very well be a question with a statement.

She could of been picked on and made fun of because of her, Little, and it - would have been too much for her to handle, after all, a small misjudgment, undetected, can be quite costly…, to whomever. I don't think it's “Little Bo Peep” that is at fault here.

Is there a conclusion, here- based on problem solving solutions by creatively thinking about the possibilities of correcting a faulty error. Taking our imagination beyond its limits. The infinite imagination. And asking ourselves, (Are we too quick to make assumptions?) Whatever, they May entail her to be!

By Brigid Hurley