Sideswiped by Life
Jason Smith

My son was a year old. I was thirty three years old and feeling the aches and pains of a middle age woman. Despite, my being introverted and always smiling and optimistic, I had another side to me. I would appear cold and without feelings. Trauma usually did this, and it unfortunately got worst as trauma follows. I remember driving back home after dropping off the boys at school, and my son was in a car seat in the back. I held in my emotional state of being. The events that happened on September 11, 2001 was devastating, and I felt the blow. I wanted to feel safe again.

Things usually happen in threes or fours in my family. Three years later my dad passes away. Another traumatic event in my life, but then I witness a robbery at my bank. Soon afterwards, my mental state declines. Being the youngest of seven children, I felt responsible for being healthy mentally. But if and when it happens, and it will, -The will of survival will kick in. Eventually, it did. I have always been about family and education and work. I know my priorities in life. I grew up as a Catholic and Pentecostal with a strong faith. I feel life is coping and remembering great memories, as I'm in my forties. In conclusion, life makes me stronger. The need to accept where I'm today and what I can rely upon. Common sense and trusting myself is another aspect of coping. Importantly, when it happens get help and don't be afraid to receive help from others. We are blessed with loving and kindness in our country, and people willing to help when ask. Our voice must be heard to be reached.