There are 4 baby chicks

Spring is here gone tomorrow. Time travels so fast. I can't keep up with it sometimes. I guess that is why we live to be in the moment and enjoy the little things like four baby chicks that have no problem chirping, as they are happily in there own world without flat screen television sets, Apple computers, and Kindle tablets. Nature has all the answers to even technology today. The solutions are really out there. In nature, where animals have no problem finding there own inspiration. I'm honored to raise four baby chicks that sleep often, eat chicken feed and drink water. I'm an observer of tiny little feet that stay in one place for long periods of time while resting on each other's fury feathers within moments at a time. There silence can catch you by surprise because the chirping becomes a song in your head that repeats itself, a mimicking chirp. It's almost like being programmed to set your alarm or create your tasks for the week. Hopefully, checking it often by being flexible to change like the weather. Sunny then cloudy minutes later. Please watch for my children book coming soon on June 15, title of book “Chewy Toy And Sock” for ages 3–8, every day problem solving with family members. A self publishing book.

by Brigida Hurley

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