Recently, a spark of viral Instagram Story post made me stunned. My reaction was… God damn it, I should’ve done what a girl named Via Vallen did. Yes, such thing also happened to me and the incident corrected my assumption as I wondered it that it has been a common situation that has happened to many other girls, as well.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know who she was, until a few days ago when people started to talk about her. Well, mocking her to be exact.

What happened?

With an unknown text message opening, the girl who happens to work as…

Currently, I’m in my 8th company in my 8 years of career.

Seems easy for me to do this? Trust me, totally not.

Before you jump into conclusion, no… I didn’t stay 1 year for each company.

Some shorter than 1 year (aha, I hear you), and some longer than that. Most people (and even career or human resource expert often) said that it’s not good to have less than 1-year experience in one place and hop onto another. But I’ll tell you more before you judge.

How Do I Start It All?
Anyway, for you to have better imagination, here’s…

Brigida Alexandra

A feminist Lois Lane who lost her DailyPlanet, now trying to be her own Superman. - And she always gets misunderstood by the society.

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