Happy New Year 2018 🥂

The New Year makes many hopeful for a fresh start. We all set goals/resolutions to achieve at the end of the year. Resolutions are just another form of goal-setting, which in turn entails shifting our focus from one priority to another. We all start with the same 24 hours each day. How we choose to spend those hours demonstrates our priorities. People will say, “I don’t have time.” But what they really mean is, “That isn’t a priority for me.” People make time for the most important things in their lives.

Therefore, reaching your goals, resolutions or priorities is simply about: 1) deciding what is truly important, 2) focusing on the things that will move you toward goal completion and 3) reducing competing activities.

As we set all these goals, priorities or resolutions while celebrating New Year with hope; let’s remember this “To plan with GOD”!

Happy New Year 2018🎆🎇

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