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Strange that the author has to go through such a long search to find out why young voters want Bernie. It seems that is self-evident: Bernie has the most rational and reasonable and practically usable agenda, namely: genuine democracy where the government acts in the true interest of its people. I am not a young voter. But Bernie was obvious as the choice: because his policies serve all in a completely genuine and practical way. It’s what you want from a government.

Bernie was undercut by the establishment. He won the nomination but is unable to prove it because there was too much voting fraud like purged voter rolls, uncounted provisional votes mandatory for all young people in California. Insufficient ballots. Closed voter stations. Long lines. Closed primaries that excluded most of his independent voters. And last but not least, likely hacked voting software. Everybody knows it. But that isn’t a proof. Wasserman-Schultz planned strategies to support Hillary before she even declared herself a candidate! Bought media propaganda for Hillary — like the WaPo, NYT, CNN. Absurd smear propaganda against Bernie in those media. Caucus rules changed when Bernie won so Hillary would win. The list of abuses against Bernie’s candidacy is endless. Everybody knows it. And Obama telling Bernie to get lost.

The question then is: what has the establishment to hide that they are so afraid of Bernie? Well yes: organized crime and corruption. Hillary is guaranteed an accomplice and will not prosecute. Bernie might as the swindles come out.

America threw out the best candidate in many decades — to protect the criminal pundits in Washington D.C. What a shame.

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