A “Super” Lesson from Mike Fernandez & Pat Riley

I was fortunate earlier this year to be able to join a closed Business School session at the University of Miami. They had invited both Miguel “Mike” Benito Fernandez & Pat Riley to address the lucky attendants that got to sit in, and ask them questions. It was great to hear Mike & Pat talk of their humble beginnings, and their unyielding efforts & sacrifices to do amazing things.

For this post, I’m going to focus on a few things Mike specifically spoke about relating to business.

Mike Fernandez rose from being a grocery delivery boy in New York City to the billionaire founder of MBF Healthcare Partners, a private equity firm, Controlling shareholder of Navarro Discount Pharmacies, the largest retail pharmacy chain in the U.S. focused on the Hispanic market, which was sold to CVS, and Founder of Simply Healthcare Plans, a partnership with Magic Johnson Enterprises to provide services to people with HIV/AIDS.

One of things Mike talked about that stood out to me were how the word “Super” can be found all over his offices. He said it was important for what the letters of SUPER represents to him.

S for sacrifice. If it doesn’t hurt it’s not worth doing.
U for Urgency. Have a sense of urgency. If there is no tension, create it. This way you’ll be ahead of your competitors.

P for passion. Find passion in what you do. While most of his friends enjoyed a work week coming an end on Friday, he took more pleasure in Sunday evenings. He knew Monday was just a few hours away and that’s when he would get to go back and play… and the more tension there was Monday morning, the more fun it became for him.

E for execution. Execution is very important. It’s all about the follow through. Execution of the smaller things makes execution of the big picture much easier.

R for results. Get results… demand them from yourself. But there is no point getting them if you step on your values, reputation, or on others to get them.

He closed off the session by saying, “Forget the 1, 3, or 5 year business plan. Make a 7 day business plan. If you can figure it out on the micro, you’ll make it happen in the macro.


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