5 day-to-day biggest issues for data analysts, and how they affect organisational performance

Organisational data is your greatest asset

Data: past vs present

5 day-to-day biggest issues for data professionals

1. Bad processes

2. Lack of/bad strategy

  • Business requirements
  • Data — what you have, where it’s stored and who can access it.
  • Tools — what works for ALL data & insight project stakeholders.
  • Analytics techniques — best ways to extract business-critical insights.
  • Collaboration — within data teams and between them and their business stakeholders.
  • People — ensuring data literacy across all departments.
  • Roadmap — how you get where you want to be.

3. Unrealistic expectations

4. Bad people management

  • Structure. Choosing how to structure your data team according to your organisational needs encourages efficiency and creates a network of accountability for all stakeholders.
  • Job roles. Data team leaders should assign specific roles to all team members. Those should be chosen in alignment with their skills to highlight how they’d be the most effective within the team.
  • Stakeholder engagement. Encouraging a positive relationship and effective collaboration between the data team and their stakeholders is essential for project success.
  • Positive work environment is proven to contribute to creating aligned, more professional, and supportive workforce.
  • Development. It’s important for team leaders to promote educational culture within their teams and encourage learning and skills development.
  • Leadership. It’s important that those managing data teams develop their own leadership skills to truly connect with their teams and become more people focused.

5. Feeling unappreciated

Organisations must start from mastering the basics of data analysis



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