Milkshake and bake..

I am a huge fan of milkshakes and fruit smoothies, but do not over indulge as I want to keep that my thing. The greatest investment i have (a little lie) is my cheap pulsing machine, which does a great job.

My ritual is normal open the cupboard and grab a few ingredients to make my drink, and yes there has been disasters. Well this was a good day for a milkshake and i thought i would share it with you. Its a relatively easy recipe; Banana Milkshake!


1 Big Banana, Milk an adequate pour, 1/2 of a Weetbix, 3–4 Ice cubes, Honey (whatever you feel is enough) and a squirt of Maple syrup.

Just guess it and there is no need for exact measures. Also Weetbix may not be an American thing but maybe just substitute it with an All Bran, or bran product. I also do this recipe with Oats (minus the Weetbix).

Go forth and enjoy

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