Words have power. They are not just mere utterings from the mouth or writings on a paper. They possess a beauty that is unfathomable and a power that is unconquerable. Only humans have the exceptional ability of expressing their amazing thoughts in finely articulated words. Our thoughts and actions are largely influenced by the words we hear or the words we read. The words we use are a reflection of our personality, thoughts, perception and understanding.

Words can be both constructive and destructive depending on how they are used. They can empower or destroy, instill love or hatred, encourage or discourage, develop harmony or discord, lead to an approach of optimism or pessimism.

The German dictator, Adolf Hitler used his verbal prowess for a destructive cause by instilling hatred towards the Jews, in the hearts of many people. He carried out the Holocaust, a ruthless genocide against millions of Jews. On the other hand, Martin Luther King Jr. used his outstanding eloquence for a constructive cause by instilling love among the people of different races and color. He carried out the African-American Civil Rights Movement and diligently strived towards developing peace and harmony among the people.

Words have power. Hence they should be used to manifest good, not evil.

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