Infosys® & Brilliant Basics® “bb” — start of an exciting new chapter

Making life simply better®

Thursday, 3 Aug 2017 • by Anand Verma, Founder & CEO of Brilliant Basics

I am thrilled to say that earlier today Infosys, a global leader in technology services & consulting, announced its intention to acquire Brilliant Basics “bb”.

Today is a momentous day for bb and start of an exciting new chapter, I am confident that this new chapter will be even bigger and better for everyone at bb. I am very happy about joining the Infosys family.

Official Press Release

Back in 2012, we saw an opportunity to create a global design studio in London, which can move fast to create real value for our clients and our startup partners in a lean and agile manner. This means more creative, business-aligned outcomes that is underpinned by true collaboration and shared success. The opportunity for our unique offering with all the good bits of the traditional digital agency model, but the ambition and commitment of a startup was, and still is huge — as our journey will testify. And this is how Brilliant Basics was born.

Our belief from the get go was to achieve brilliance from getting the basics right and we have managed to stay true to that mantra that has guided us to create many magical moments for world’s leading brands.

Let me start with our vision and mission.

Our North Star: making life simply better™

To unpack what making life simply better™ means for our clients, partners and employees, our belief is that we have the power to make a positive contribution by creating brilliant digital products and customer experiences that:

  • Solve real problems
  • Fit into people’s lives
  • Enable and empower people
  • Deliver value through new business models and ventures

Recently we celebrated our 5th anniversary and needless to say it has been an exciting journey towards our North Star. We can’t call ourselves a startup anymore even though we have the same “startup-spirit” we had five years ago. Our edge is our unique design thinking approach and our ability to execute at speed. We have successfully designed and delivered digital products and services that are being touched by millions of people every day and also helped our clients and partners embrace innovation and change to create new business models. So, all in all a really positive impact. Thank you to all our employees and their families, our clients, our followers, our freelance design and tech community and our partners for all their support and love in shaping bb.

We have been challenging ourselves about what would the next five years look like for bb. What do we want to be known for and what impact do we want to make globally?

Our focus going forward is to become the “shapers” of brilliant ideas into real and valuable digital products and customers experiences that enable digital transformations for clients globally. We have always had ambitions to scale globally. We realised that to do this at scale and in a repeatable manner, we would either need capital investment in our people and new capabilities globally or join forces with a like-minded global partner with whom we can create even greater impact. And also have an opportunity to become a catalyst for change to create a positive ripple effect.

As fate would have it, I got introduced to Scott Sorokin, Global Head of Digital for Infosys and Ravi Kumar, President and Deputy COO at Infosys and we ended up exchanging notes and ideas on combined role of design thinking, digital customer experience and technology in end-to-end digital transformation programmes and how Infosys Digital is thinking about their own go to market proposition. Their vision of enhancing Infosys’ position from system of record to system of engagement was particularly attractive for bb. I was impressed with Scott’s and Ravi’s vision and we jointly decided to explore joining forces and for bb to become a part of Infosys family.

So why Infosys?

First of all, Infosys people are nice and thoughtful, which makes it easier to collaborate and create. We really believe that being a key part of Infosys Digital will allow bb to scale its offerings and progress faster globally.

We believe that bb being the tip of the Infosys Digital can spearhead on their digital journey gives us an opportunity of a lifetime. Scott has already brought in some heavy hitting digital talent that will help bb integrate and leverage the firepower of this global giant.

We have worked in a globally distributed and offshore delivery model and that experience is incredibly valuable for this partnership to prosper. And this will allow bb to scale and progress at an even faster pace whilst maintaining our unique characteristics (our unique 3C’s model of Consult, Collaborate & Create), our culture and core values.

We have been interacting with Infosys for a number of months and we are already seeing huge synergies and this has given us a lot of confidence that there are significant opportunities for our clients to take advantage of end-to-end digital transformation solutions.

Our combined people, creativity and proven lean approach would allow Infosys and bb to attract a new breed of talent that will enhance new service offerings.

Personally, I have admired Infosys as an organisation since I was a young boy growing up in India and I am looking forward to partnering with Infosys leaders globally in creating more value for both organisations.

We are very excited about collaborating with Infosys at such an exciting phase for both Infosys and bb.

And we are ready… bring on the next five years for Brilliant Basics, an Infosys company.

Thank you, as always

— anand

By Anand Verma 2017 —Founder & CEO at Brilliant Basics “bb”