Sage Evolution Branch Accounting is the Solution You Need

With Sage Evolution’s add-on Branch Accounting module, the efficient management of multiple national branches needn’t be a pipe dream. Through the implementation of this accounting software tool, head office can maintain control of the financial and operational procedures of branches. Not only will Sage Evolution Branch Accounting provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for your business, but it can solve several problems posed by the logistical burden of running multiple branches or entities.

Forget manual account consolidation: Branch Accounting streamlines the process

Hours can be wasted while respective branches manually consolidate their financial information each month. Not so with Sage Evolution Branch Accounting: optimise efficiency and head office control with this bi-directional synchronisation tool which will ensure your accounting information is kept up to date. The information from each branch will be consolidated and stored on head office’s central system and shared at branch level. This ensures that inventory, financial and pricing data is consistent across the accounting software system, with instant updates if product prices are changed at head office level. Maintain control over branches by setting user permissions for each limiting what can be viewed and changed.

What happens to our Branch Accounting data if we go offline?

In an ideal world, the internet would never crash, and data would never be lost. However, life happens and the powerful Sage Evolution Branch Accounting module is designed to handle hiccups in connectivity without a loss of data. Through consistent and regular consolidation, your data will be protected from any loss. Branches can continue to transact and data can be restored to that branch easily and efficiently. With this accounting software package implemented, you never need to lose sleep over the thought of losing data due to connectivity issues, or even fire or theft.

Sage Evolution Branch Accounting allows for visibility and control

Every accountant or CFO worth his salt knows it is vital to have a complete audit trail. Through detailed transaction histories, Branch Accounting will provide full visibility into all your business activities. Head office will have total access to and control of the master file information as well as the option to for specific or global customer/supplier accounts to be made available to branches or restricted, as needed. Sage Evolution’s powerful accounting software solution also enables credit terms to be controlled at head office or branch level while stock can be transferred between branches using inter-branch transfers. Handle financials between branches and head office through loan accounts processing.

Get the competitive edge with Sage Evolution Branch Accounting and enable your branches to transact efficiently and cost-effectively, while maintaining data consolidation and integrity. Contact Brilliant Link today to implement this adaptive accounting software solution.