Five ways to use LinkedIn to help you win more business

Here are my five simple ways to use LinkedIn to help you win more business and invite more visitors to your networking events.

Number 1: If you regularly visit a networking group what professions is your group missing? Have you ever thought about using LinkedIn to search for potential visitors? Maybe you already have them in your connections. All you need to do is use the search box at the top of the page and you can limit the results to certain location.

Number 2 — When networking, instead of asking for very general referrals, LinkedIn can help you to become more specific about the businesses you really want. Think about the type of company you want to be introduced to, do a search on LinkedIn and find their company page, then look through the connected employees to find the title and name of the best person for you to speak with. LinkedIn will also show you who in your group already has the connections in companies you want to reach.

Number 3 — Do you often receive connection requests from people you’ve never met before? Well next time, instead of clicking on ‘connect’ or ‘ignore’, simply reply to their message saying “thanks for the invitation to connect, however I only connect with people I have met before, so would you like to arrange a 1–2–1. This way you’ll get to learn more about what they actually do and it will be a great networking opportunity for you.

Number 4 — Make sure you connect with everyone that you already know or have done business with in the past, this will mean you open up each of their connections making it easier for you to ask for referrals to them in the future.

Number 5 — if you give or receive a testimonial make sure it goes onto LinkedIn too, it’s a great way to build up credibility and is a simple cut and paste job once the original one testimonial has been written.

I hope these will be useful for you and I know they’re pretty basic points. Yet it’s amazing at how many people still spend hours networking but don’t put the time into researching the guests they’ll be meeting with and finding who those people are connected to … you’ll be surprised at the amount of useful connections you already have if you dig a little deeper into who’s connected to who.

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