#KentEarthquake — how a minor tremor led to major sarcasm on Twitter

You’re probably aware that Kent was hit by a 4.2 magnitude earthquake in the early hours of the morning. That sounds dramatic… but 4.2 is actually pretty low on the Richter Scale, and thankfully no one was hurt.

A lot of people did, however, take to Twitter to document their experience/complain about their interrupted night’s sleep. Which led, in turn, to other people on Twitter promptly taking the p*ss. Say what you want about Twitter, it’s pretty good at that. Below are a couple of our favourite posts of the day…

By the way, these jokes even made it into the mainstream media. Good work, Twitter. Good work. Have a look yourself at the #KentEarthquake hashtag for more hilarity — though I’ve got to be honest, it is mainly just more bins and chairs falling over…


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