The world has gone mad… — Social Media Re-hash: March 2016

For the sake of variety, we’re going to look at the last month a little differently for this Social Media Re-hash. We won’t just focus on 3 to 4 of the larger events — instead focusing on a number of things that occurred throughout March.

First, a Star Wars: Rogue One trailer leaked online and surprisingly still hasn’t been taken down, leading me to believe either; Disney still don’t know it’s out there or it’s fake. Either way it was a damn good teaser.

Shortly after, and totally unrelated to Star Wars, Apple launched a dedicated customer service twitter support page. Could this be a sign of them finally holding a social media presence?

Peeple reared its ugly head… again! You remember Peeple, right? The app that wanted you to review people like Yelp. It didn’t go down too well then, and it didn’t go down well when the app launched. How did it get approved for the app store anyway?

Kim K attempted to break the internet, once again, by posting a black-barred nude(ish) #selfie on Instagram, prompting numerous reactions, spoofs and murals.

The best response (in our opinion) was posted by Stormzy who has since deleted the tweet, but lives on throught the twitter feeds of the many who copied it.

Twitter had a big month all by itself — launching #GIFParty and turning double-digits. You can see more about those events here and here.

In March, we were once again reminded of the crazy, mixed up world we now live in. The attacks on Brussels, Turkey and Pakistan sent the usual shockwaves through social media — Facebook’s panic button was activated, hashtags for and against Islam trended, and Donald Trump used it as an opportunity to proclaim anyone of Asian lineage should be barred from entering the US to protect the country.

It didn’t look like things could possibly get any worse. And it didn’t, because of one thing, Boaty McBoatface. Haha, I still can’t say it without chuckling.

Yes some bright spark decided the name of a new research vessel should be decided by popular vote. The internet reacted in spectacular fashion and Boaty McBoatface became a household name — we still very much doubt the boat will end up being called this, but it’s nice to know the Great British public still haven’t lost their sense of humour.

Oh and because of him we also have a train called Trainy McTrainface….

and a cheese called Cheesy McCheeseface…

On March 23rd, Microsoft launched Tay, an AI bot designed to learn how to interact like a teen girl from the US. It started out well, within the first day Tay had responded to 93k tweets. For those of you that didn’t hear, Tay turned into a racist, hitler-loving, sex hungry, conspiracy theory loving, nut robot, similar to Ultron in the Avengers sequel.

Yet another reminder that we perhaps shouldn’t be messing with things that potentially could turn around and destroy us.

Put a fork in me, I’m done!

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