Where do you get your news?

You may have seen in the news these last weeks, Facebook has come under scrutiny after allegations were made that measures were taken, preventing news stories from conservative groups in the US, from appearing in parts of the social network’s service. Naughty Facebook.

Zuckers has since announced a full investigation will take place to find out if any of this is true. It got me thinking about many of our favourite social sites, which is the best source for news?

For me, it’s Reddit! Why? Authenticity.

It therefore wasn’t a surprise to me to read an article titled ‘Why Reddit Is the 2nd Most Trusted Social Site for News’, which explains how a new study, conducted by The American Press Institute, found which social sites people ‘trust’ news on more:

•LinkedIn: 23%

•Reddit: 22%

•Twitter: 18%

•Instagram: 17%

•YouTube: 16%

•Snapchat: 14%

•Facebook: 12%

Reddit’s news comes from it’s users. The main page is made up of posts that have got there because enough people have up voted the content, they’re passionate about it, it resonates with them, much in the same way Twitter’s trends are decided by how many people tweet about a given subject.

For me if sites use an editor then doesn’t that mean the news we see is being decided for us, and that they should perhaps now be held under the same scrutiny, once reserved for the newspapers.

It makes sense that considering newspapers were/still are used to align with a political party or ideal, that social media wouldn’t now be the same way.

Just a thought…

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