How can wearables change the future of Mobile Apps?

Wearables are the new trend in the market. When the most advanced technologies come right on your palm or on your wrist and your whole world seem to immerse in that, it gives rise to variant and extensive possibilities. Wearables are an innovative technology that provides sensory and scanning features, which makes the interesting devices as advanced hand-held technology. The devices can prove out to be immensely beneficial for different industrial sectors like fitness, healthcare, fashion, education, disabilities, media, transportation, gaming, music, tourism, and finance with its tremendous impact. The wearable technologies resolve day to day human problems in real time by integrating functional, portable electronic devices into people’s daily lives.

For the definite features and multiple functionalities the devices are highly popular and the demand of the devices is rapidly growing in the market. The mobile App developers are integrating mobile apps with these smart devices so that the applications can function in both smartphones and wearables. These wearables are contributing a great deal towards the improvements and changes in the development of new mobile applications. Few of the variation are enlisted below:-

• Alterations in screen sizes

There will be a change in the screen size of the devices. Hence the apps that will be developed for wearables as well as mobile devices will be more user-friendly as they have to fit on any screens. The information available on the devices through app needs to be extremely impactful.

• Captivating user interface designs

The applications that are designed for the wearables would have higher precision user interface designs. The instructions for the users will be more concise and would ergonomically assemble so that the users can have easy and convenient access.

• Fast functioning

The application developed for the wearables will have quick response to individual command and will be extremely swift in sending individual command. The developers take this on account while developing the apps. With smooth functionalities the people will more and more incline on these wearables.

• Calculation capabilities

The mobile apps have better calculation capabilities as it will be faster in calculation in real time inputs and requirement of on-the-go outputs. As of the inputs will be in the form of big data files it will require extensive processing through proper algorithms.

• Customized notifications

The notification sent on the wearable devices would be customized with single word messages, voice memos or different colored signals. The users will have liberty to choose as per their requirement in the apps.

• Low energy usage

As the devices will be on the go, the devices would be enabled for the low energy usage for the longer battery life. This will allow the users to use the battery for longer hours without being bothered by the draining out charge.

• Easy data transmission

The large or huge amount of data can be easily and quickly transmitted between smart devices. The companies are manufacturing the wearables with Bluetooth and WiFi enabled.

• Interactive features

The wearable devices would have certain features which will make the human interaction easy, fast and unimaginably convenient. So here you can tap, swipe or even respond on voice command.

• Biometrics and Semantics

The biometrics and semantics would be integrated with the apps developed for wearables. As the devices will always be on go so it has to be easy to interpret emotions, track progress and detect bio-potentials like sensors in the form of multi-axis accelerometer. Developers have better scope of innovations and experimentation.

• Real-time communication

With the help of wearables and the apps, the communication would be extremely quick and easy between the users. With the use of these apps you can monitor and also give instructions.

• Artificial Intelligence

As Artificial Intelligence is predominant in the market, the wearable would make use of artificial intelligence algorithms using big data technologies so that the user behavior can be anticipated. The apps for wearable devices would improve and have distinguished user experience.

• Augmented Reality

The technology is immensely improvised and as a result the developers are developing mobile apps with technologies like Augmented Reality. The apps introduced for wearables would use the augmented reality techniques so that the certain human senses of seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling can be enhanced.

• Cloud-based and Data Security

The storage of huge data will be cloud-based. The security of data is a major concern so that the devices are able to maintain the data security. This will encourage the developer to maintain certain protocol for users. Therefore the users will have access to these data in the cloud and through features such as biometrics and voice recognition techniques.

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