The Artificial Intelligence Has Officially Gone Mobile

The effect of AI in Mobile Apps

The human-machine interaction never seemed to be so easy and convenient, but the wide and the varied possibilities could not be negated. A machine can practically reciprocate and perform any task at the drop of your hat over just a single voice command advanced by you. Seriously, the invention of Artificial Intelligence has opened wide arrays of possibilities right in front of us. A machine responds to your request just as the way the “Genie” would respond to the request of “Aladdin”. But this time the “Genie” is the machine and it responds in no time, once the request is placed or the requirement is forwarded.

The tremendous effect of machine learning has led many developers to embed AI more and more into mobile apps giving rising to higher possibilities of more symbiotic systems that will perceive, learn, decide and act of their own. AI can be embedded with Chatbots or in context aware sensors; hence many companies are exploring the full privilege of AI to engage and retain their users and audiences.

AI and businesses

We can put forward a set of examples to explain how well AI can work to retain and engage the users and customers of any brands. Starbucks had introduced “My Starbuck Barista” that will make things super easy for you when you just name your requirements and the app will place the order for you. Tacobell’s app is much advanced like it goes beyond “TacoBot”. It provides enriched, refined user experiences, as it recommends personalized menu based on the user’s purchase or ordering trends.

The recent trends of Google Home have integrated with Amazon Alexa. There are loads of Google Home gadgets that functions smartly over your voice command and makes your work incredibly easy. Companies are joining to explore the whole new possibilities of AI technologies. AI has the ability to perceive information and then retain it as knowledge that can be applied towards adaptive behavior within the context.

There are collections of options for the Mobile App Developers. AI has deeply influenced the Mobile App Development process. As it began with Apple’s Siri, Google Assistants and Amazon Alexa, Samsung Bixby and the potentiality of AI will be endless in the coming years. The whole process of machine learning has moved beyond and users now demand more flexible algorithm for smooth and intuitive experiences.

The mobile app development is clearly moving on a level of machine learning enhancement. AI is proving it possibilities right finding out properties, location of restaurants, change the color of home lighting, locking doors to maintain the security, so on and so forth. It would be the most right solution for the educational industry. Imagine apps that can teach children and provide them the perspective which nobody did imagine before. This technology in your device can actually be solutions to ease out the processes in all the industries.

AI and Brill Mindz Technologies

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