Hi. I am Rob.

This is my first story.

This story is not a success story, it may be a failure, or a blank story, I am not sure of. I cannot figure out what story I want to tell, and that’s also the same as where I am in my life right now, I am not sure.

It may be weird to write a failure story, most of the people want to feel the excitement, or be thrilled and hear a success story instead. But, this is my story, and I am the writer.

Just like each and everyone, we all have a different story to tell, it may be a happy, sad, boring or painful one, whichever and whatever it may be, we should embrace it.

I am embracing it, at this very moment I am embracing my failure. Yes. I am 27, no job, no house, no savings, what else could be a definition of failure? Haha. But kidding aside, I feel worthless and nothing’s going right, and also nothing’s left. I need to move from my comfort zone.

Most of the young adults like me may have gone through the same phase, asking themselves how? why do I have to feel this way at this point? where I am at the peak of my career, being able to buy the things that I want..why now? And how to start finding myself again? I will move, and when I find my way again, I will make a new story to tell.

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