What Is The Difference Between Control Panel And MCC?

Do you know what the difference between the control panel and MCC is? Do you know how they actually work and help you till what extent? Do you know which one if the right choice for your workplace? No, so the answer to all your questions is right here. A control generally consists of a controller which helps to give digital signals to the MCC panel to start the motor. These are specially designed to protect electrical equipment from heavy fluctuations in loads. These include PLC, VFD, fuses, switches; transformers and many other necessary components which are must to control the voltage of current for the smooth and hassle free performance of your device.

Power Control Panel

On the other hand, MCC stands for a motor control panel, which consists of feeder for motor and blower. These are specially designed according to the different motor rating and it can be available in automatic or manual operation provisional. If you opt for an auto provisional then control panel is a must to fulfill its function because the only control panel gives a signal to it so that it start the motor and power supply to the equipment on a constant basis. In simple words, you can say both are incomplete without each other. Because the function of one is totally depends on the function of other. If you want to buy it so always go to trusted power control panel manufacturers.

Electrical Panel

This is because a trusted electrical panel manufacturers company will never compromise on the quality and pass the products on different quality parameters which help to ensure its hassle free performance, durability, longer life, low maintenance, and high- efficiency and low power consumption. And at the present time, a single panel is used for both control panel and MCC rather than using the separate panels. These are highly demanded in the globalized market because of its high-performance and low price.

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