I Could Never Go Back

I could never go back, I said
To that deserted house beside the trail
Where home is haunted, as they say
And there the secrets that are kept
Are overgrown, like kudzu
And underneath the blue moon
Are creatures stirring in their sleep.

In this house is no life
Time stopped before my eyes
Here it all began
With, as it were, a smile,
The one ending in my dreams —
You — were
What I have learned:
To love is to own,
To know and be known.

Yet I come back. Because I left
A drowsiness lifted, I wake
Beneath a pink sky,
Open. Alive.
Drawing me in
Beckoning, Enticing,
I feel again.
And I know why all this was meant to be
What never was
A weight too heavy for me
So I had to
And now must