PC: Smallestforest

Red Morning

Lucky we were safe
Though the fire in the treetops warned us
Out east, when the wind shoved against every ounce of shelter
Barring the torrent of words between us —
It’s only air.
But the night, far from peaceful
Seducing with its untamed mystery, revealing
And evocative of past lives
Or imagined ones — Don’t you realize?
Some things are breathtaking
In the absence of light and color.
Yet, even the waves protest.
Crashing upon the limits God prescribed,
You are like a wave —
It’s only sand.

But I know
However many times the milk is spilt
The glimmers overhead give way to dawn
With unflinching loyalty
And a ferocious night leaves
Cool caresses through gently blowing curtains
Suggesting the relentlessness of their Creator
Who makes both light and color
Arrive through wild and windy nights;
No matter how lost — His
Is the power to Overcome.