Brinc finance is a defi 2.0 protocol that allows users to buy and stake the $BRC bonding curve token to earn rewards.

Stability with price upside

  • Token supply is backed by collateral assets held on-chain
  • Positive price delta as collateral assets increased

Intrinsic value (cash flow)

  • Fees from minting and lending activities
  • Yield from treasury management of collateral


  • Smart contracts fully deployed on Ethereum Layer 2 network

Capital efficient

  • Under-collateralization to mint token supply
  • Optimize collateral reserves (TVL) by reinvesting to generate yield

Long-term and Activity-based rewards

  • 85% of token supply distributed over 10-year period to reward users for lending/staking or swapping in the $BRC

Sustainable rewards and incentives

  • Token reward distribution = ~50% of yield generated from investments will be allocated to gBRC holders



Brinc finance (✧,✦)

Brinc finance (✧,✦)

Brinc $BRC: A Collateral-backed Token with Increasing Yield (✧,✦)