Brindavan College: College Diversity & Learning Reconsidered Campus Activities

College diversity can be a significant element in the overall learning experiences of students during their years on campuses.Learning Reconsidered explored the ways that college students experience learning on campuses and how it can be further enhanced. It suggested that students learn not only by absorbing facts during courses in classrooms and lecture halls, but also utilize the entire campus resources as part of a more full development for them.

Helping college students learn and develop is not limited to just the domain of faculty professors. Learning Reconsidered claimed that other campus staff could also play a huge role. These other staff could include leaders and advisors in campus activities, student affairs or residence life. Even student governments can play a role here.

The Learning Reconsidered document may change some of the types of campus activities that take place in the future now that staff realizes that significant development for students can indeed take place outside the classrooms. Instead of programming activities that are just purely entertainment, different types of programs with some inclusion of a learning element can be added. Such programs represent golden opportunities that will help fulfill specific learning outcomes described in Learning Reconsidered.

One such opportunity to achieve a Learning Reconsidered outcome is related to college diversity. Because many college anduniversity campuses have become more diverse with students of different ethnicities, diversity has become an important issue of campus life. Both the general student body and staff are therefore ripe for further exposure to diversity training, awareness and skills education.

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