Career in Marketing

The domain of marketing is quite vast and it provides with interesting opportunities where psychological, interpersonal and analytical skills are in demand. A large number of people, bored with their monotonous jobs, look for such opportunities. Brindavan College − the best MBA institute in Bangalore − explains the career choices in different areas of marketing:

Market Research: Marketing involves a lot of research for business prospects and strategy formulation. A professional taking up a job in this department should possess sub-par analytical qualities. Data-gathering and its process form a major part of the job description.

Market Research

Job Profiles in Market Research:

· Market Analyst

· Research Supervisor

· Research Director

· Research Manager

Advertising: For those who possess a creative streak, advertising can be fun. Moreover, advertisers are responsible for the research, budget, platform, and execution of an advertisement.


Job Profiles in Advertising:

· Sales Director

· Media Director

· Account Executives

· Media Buyer

Public Relations: If you’re good at communication, you can pursue a career in this field. PR professionals should be confident, persuasive and quick-learners. An organization’s image and publicity lie in the hands of their PR department.

Public relations

Job Profiles in Public Relations:

· PR Consultant

· Media Relations

· Public Relations Coordinator

Brand Management: Launching a product in the market is easy, but maintaining its brand value is a challenge. Brand managers maintain a product’s brand value through management skills and supervision. They’re involved in ad-campaigns, product development, promotions and much more.

Job Profiles in Brand Management:

· Product Development Manager

· Brand Manager

· Product Manager

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