Facts to increase your General knowledge

No matter in which field you want to make your career but you must know that General knowledge is extremely important. General Knowledge helps you to come across as a smart and knowledgeable person. Additionally it also makes you a more interesting conversationalist. Experts from Brindavan College say that they know the value of General Knowledge and therefore they make it a point to impart this knowledge on each of the students enrolled in this college. In case that you too want to improve your GK then read on to know a few valuable tips that can help you to do so:

· There are a number of websites that are specially designed to improve and enhance your General Knowledge. Numerous people have accepted the fact that such websites have helped them to gain a lot of knowledge in a very hassle free manner. The best part about these websites is that they are heavily informative yet interesting therefore they do not let the readers to get bored. You may visit websites such as TED.com, Answerbag.com, Project Gutenberg, Brain Pickings, etc.

· In this world of smart phones everything has become so easy. You can download a few General Knowledge Apps and Quizzes in your phone and can refer to them as per your convenience. You can also subscribe to a few portals that send useful information to your mobile in the form of daily alerts.

· Though it may sound cliché but you must always make it a habit to devote at least 15 minutes of your day to read magazines and newspapers. Believe it or not but reading newspaper on a daily basis helps you to become smarter and more knowledgeable.

· Traveling to new places also helps in increasing your general knowledge and general awareness. Make it a point to travel to new destinations as often as you can. This way you would also get a chance to meet new people and you would be able to discover new cultures.