Scope & growth prospects in electronics & communication engineering

Electronics & communication engineering

According to the experts from Brindavan College a degree in electronics and communication engineering opens the door of growth, job opportunities, high salary package and job satisfaction. Therefore a lot of students dream of getting admission in this particular course.

Electronics & Communication Engineering is one of the most popular fields of engineering fields and it involves the transmission of information across channels like coax cable or optical fiber. Apart from this it also deals with designing tools and devices such as routers, switches, fiber optics and electronic switching systems. In simpler words it can be said that this branch of engineering deals specifically with electronic devices and software interfaces.

Students who want to make career in Electronics and Communication can get enrolled in the following courses:

· B. Tech. Electronics and Communication

· B. E. Electronics and Communication

· M.E. Electronics and Communication

· M. Tech. Electronics and Communication

· Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering

However you must know that in order to get a job in this field, you should at least earn a bachelor’s degree but in case you want to get attractive salary packet and designation then you must go for the option of master’s degree as well.

To be hired by the topmost companies, a person needs to have a minimum of B.E/ B. Tech degree in Electronics and Communication. These engineers can be hired as Test and Integration Engineer, Design Engineer, Electronics Engineer and Electrical Design Engineer.

Generally, these engineers have to execute the following tasks at their workplace:

· Designing of process or mechanical equipments

· Improving the functionality and reliability of mobile devices and servers

· Setting up networks and equipments, process and maintenance of electronics gears and systems etc.