How does ones’ mindset change? Our perception of reality is the utter epitome of subjectivity. It is the medium through which our ideas are conceived, a medium so impressionable and malleable that its’ numerous influences vary almost as much as humankind itself. Streams of objective life become painted and tainted the moment they reach our eyes, brains, souls.

But at what point does our eternally developing outlook shift into a different form of bias, a different mindset altogether? Why can we not pinpoint the exact moment that these changes occur? Perhaps transitions are as fleeting as the hasty decisions we make and regret later. Or perhaps it is in these fleeting moments of decision making that we continue to realize who we are, over and over again.

For one thing, can you remember the exact millisecond, hour, week, month, or even year in which you decided it was okay to physically engage with the opposite sex in an intimate way? The day when you decided you would no longer give your favorite toy a voice? Or the moment in which we decided ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ were more appropriate than ‘mommy’ and daddy?’ (Ed. note: My parents will forever respond to the latter two terms). Maybe these transitions do not even accurately reflect changes in our psyches but rather reflect changes in our surroundings that we believe we are supposed to adhere to. However unfortunate it may be, by the time the wind blows we no longer remember the difference. We no longer remember the moment during which one seemed more personally normative than the other.

In the spirit of transitions, I move into a final thought. Transitions occur at any point in time, they can be determined and pinpointed if we watch and observe ourselves, as we should. They are elusive and mysterious and worth our thought.