This afternoon, on my way to work, a lady jumps on the train and sits just opposite me.

I believe it wasn’t by chance.This lady must have been, once, gone through a lot of suffering.

Her face was disfigured from burnt, her hands too, from what It was so obvious to see.

But despite the unfortunate accident which marked her for the rest of her life, she had an amazing light in her eyes.She seemed so happy just to be alive.She certainly didn’t seem bothered about what others might think of her.She smiled at me twice (of course I smiled back at her)like as if she was trying to tell me something : be thankful , always and in every moment of your life!

So, thank you, beautiful lady!I am so grateful that you came across my path today to remind me how lucky I must be and never forget that!❤good night!(Clapham , 27th July 2016)