Blog Post #1: My Political Typology

Hello, my name is Brine and I am a senior in high school from the Bay Area. The political typology I most identify as is a Solid Liberal. The things I learned about Solid Liberals are that they are optimistic in the nation’s future. We have broadly positive views on immigrants, believe that more need to be done to address racial discrimination and women’s rights, and we support same-sex marriage. I believe I identify as a Solid Liberal because I live in California and of my school experiences. When I was younger, I went to a Catholic school where most of the people there were more conservative, but not all. Although there were minorities of people such as LGBTQ and racial minorites, I saw that there were looks of disgust from some people. I used to have a neutral opinion about same-sex marriage and women’s rights during my time at that school, but I later learned that you have to love everyone no matter their race, gender, sexuality, or whether you hate them or not. This mentality has shaped me to believe more liberally about topics such as immigration, homosexuality, racial discrimination, and gender equality. I also believe that living in California has also shaped my political typology because California is known as a democratic and liberal state.