Beginning to bring bliss back

How often do we say we’re going to do something and we don’t? How many times do we say we’re going to take the cooking class or golf lessons or plan a camping trip with friends and then, we talk ourselves out of it. We might actually buy a new digital camera with the idea that we’ll be ready to capture the wildlife we could potentially see on the unexplored terrain of our imaginary camping trip. We might fantasize about the amazing pasta that we could learn to cook and visualize all the oh’s and ah’s at the dinner table when we dish up our masterpiece. Some of us even go ahead and buy the golf club membership and research the best clubs. Yet, we don’t do these things. We don’t go after our dreams. We order a pizza instead or, pick up fast food. We rent a movie instead of venturing into the outdoors. We succumb to the doubts, fears and limitations that prevent us from trying something new. We allow the constrictions of our family, our upbringing, our social circle, society-whom ever and what ever-to dictate how we live, instead of taking a risk and exploring.

I wonder what would happen if we actually went on the camping trip. What memories would be created? What experiences would be shared? What would be discovered?

What if we spent a day hiking and picnicking with friends and family, instead of binging on Netflix? (I’m not judging here; I do this too.)

What if you, friends and neighbors started ‘italian night’ and everyone showed up with their favorite pasta dish to share? What would be gained from this experience?

This blog is an avenue for us to explore unique and fun ways to seek bliss in our lives and take more risks. To open up our hearts and minds and welcome new adventures. New discoveries! What have you discovered today on your journey of bliss?

This blog is devoted to all the fun ways of bringing bliss back into our lives. To the daring, bold, crazy and wild ways we can live more fully, more intentionally, more blissfully.

As we begin this journey together, I’d love for you for share your recent blissful discoveries. Tell me how you are journeying to bliss. Bring bliss back! How are you bringing bliss back into your life? Let’s support each other on our journeys to seeking bliss.

We will call ourselves #blissseekers and #blissbabes and announce that we have a purpose and intention to #bringblissback in our lives, our homes, our relationships and our world.

Tag #bringblissback and #blissbabe on your photos and follow me on Instagram @bringblissback for more blissful discoveries. I hope to see you and yours on the trails of life! It’s amazing out there. Read more at

Originally published at on May 14, 2015.

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