Expert Review: Samsung 591 Litres Side By Side Refrigerator RS554NRUA1J

To verify the model, we had this one here: Samsung RS554NRUA1J

We had the grayish one. I like the elegant design, its quietness and its power cooling option. It is spacious for both organics, cooked food, and some extra room for the freezer. The cooling system ‘was’ also good. There are only two downsides that I have experienced: it is not as durable as it looks, and Samsung maintenance does not know how to fix it. It got noisy within a year after it was bought, then the cooling system just broke down. We had it repaired but the maintenance crew did not know how to fix it. They did a remedy for it which restored its cooling capacity, but made the machine noisier. The touch screen system also did not work in sync with cooling because of the repair. Within 2 to 3 years, the LED lamps(together with the cooling system) broke down and we needed to change the refrigerator. I hope expensive items such as these should be looked into with more delicacy to imporve its durability.

PS: I still remember our White-Westinghouse ref, although more primitive, lasted for approximately 20 years.

My ratings for this ref:

Design: 4/5, Usability: 4.5/5, Performance: 1/5, Energy Efficiency: 3.5/5

Hope this review helps some as well. Best regards!