To all the introverts who want their social batteries to last longer.

To the agoraphobic ones who want to experience euphoria at a concert.

To the parasailers with acrophobia.

To the claustrophobic owners of private jets.

To all the extroverts who can’t tolerate people.

To the drug addicts who are experts at health issues.

To those of you who get furious in a minute but give the warmest hugs.

To the paranoid schizophrenics with the calmest voices.

To all the sweetest rude people.

To all those who care passionately about so many causes, but don’t give a fuck about anything.

To everybody with stage fright who loves to deliver captivating performances.

To geniuses who don’t fare well when tested.

To all the misanthropic people who develop crushes in under a minute.

To the socially anxious ones who make sure their friends never feel alone.

To the compulsive liars confessing that they want to stop.

To the insomniacs who sing the best lullabies.

To the sea-sick navy officers and hydrophobic swimming instructors.

To the florists with allergies.

To the writers with dyslexia.

To the comedians battling depression.

To all the deaf musicians and colourblind painters.

To the blind sportsmen, amputee trekking enthusiasts and athletes with asthma.

To the stuttering public speakers.

To the suicidal ones who urge you to never give up.

To all of you who yearn to be complimented, but can’t believe the ones that come your way.

To each of you who craves attention, but can’t handle it when given to you, even by the ones you love most.

To all those of you who know you’re absolutely fabulous, but you hate yourself anyway.

Whatever battles we may be fighting, may we never lose the one against irony.

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