Your mind can be a frightening place;
One minute you relish innocent cackles,
And then you need a saving grace,
Because your world is in shackles.

You wonder how grief so fervent,
Overthrew elation so fast,
You’re left with an excruciating dent, 
But you don’t know how long it’ll last.

You want to cry to kith,
But all you feel is fear,
You’ve seen nobody respond to brokenness with
“Shh. It’s okay, I’m here.”

You stay strong for yourself, you say,
And you bottle your feelings in,
But you fail to see the dismay
That you’re gradually drowning in.

Just when you realise that you’re sinking,
Her whisper floats into your heart,
“What the hell were you thinking,
Keeping us apart?”

You take a leap of faith,
And watch her calmly disentangle,
The knots tied by your wraith
That always seemed too much to wrangle.

“Thank you,” you say, as you expect her to leave,
Now that the demons are at bay,
But you watch her as she starts to weave
Her nest; She’s chosen to stay!

You always knew the demons would never leave,
Just under the surface they lurk,
But somehow, your fears, you can’t perceive
Because to her, this is just a quirk.

So if you’re despairing on desolation row,
And you’re worried your demons will always keep you alone,
I hope that someday you come to know, 
Someone who makes your battles their own.

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