Every morning I wake up I get extremely excited about life. It almost feels like when I sleep I look forward to waking up. Knowing everyday what I need to do to achieve whatever it is i want — Which is how i came up with the term BringTheEnergy. Earlier today during my workout I asked my self “why am I like that?” Why do I get so pumped up about always taking action. I came to a conclusion that it comes down to the Philosophy of

Plan,fail,adjust,win backed by purpose, swag and passion.

I look at what I want to accomplish and create a strategy around it. One that I know for a fact will give me the end result that I desire. Unfortunately things happen and plans never go like I want them to. So I go all in with my beliefs knowing that failure is a possibility.

See its not being afraid of failure but embracing it and understanding that it’s part of life. In my eyes failure is only feed back and once I figure out where I screwed up at, I then adjust to what’s thrown at me.

Once the adjustment are made it almost feels like a 2.0 version of the original plan has been created. Then things seem to always go my way. Even if it doesn’t I will continue to adjust until I find what works for me. So I wake up every day knowing the game plan then i start executing day in and day out — day in and day out — day in and day out — day in and day out until I win.

“Sounds easier said than done right?”

In order for this to work for you — you have to know what you want. You have to know 100% with out a doubt that you’re going to win. You have to have that sense of urgency and commitment. It takes doing what you do so well with all your energy, not with a mind going in a million directions.

By following this path you will not focus on the small unnecessary things that come your way. You will be strong and self reliant, unafraid to be alone. You will have a certain lightness that comes with knowing what matters. You will take the (right) opportunities when they present them selves. You will become insanely driven that your work ethic by its self will inspire people into action. You start getting into the habit of winning then It becomes a lifestyle.

Its almost like programming your mind into believing there's a guarantee win in everything you do — in reality you just taught your self how to accept failure and change the course until you win.

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