Social Media for Single Parents.

Maybe your not like me — 22 years old turning 23 (in February;) single, No kids and filled with energy. Maybe you’re a single parent raising little ones and don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

“So you say”

Truth is, building your following on social networks and creating a community that just bleeds for you takes time. So much time that you don’t feel like you could do it with all the responsibilities you have right?

(That’s bull shit)

People who say they don’t have time to work there faces off “to learn skills that will make them a fortune” are really saying they “don’t want to do the work.” Yes it takes extra hustle for you but to say you don’t have time to build equity means you value small things over your personal brand.

I Totally understand if you have kids and your raising them on your own but does 11pm to 2am give you enough time to work? Can you cut off Netflix and spend those 2 hours on building your self , making connections , learning new platforms and putting out Content? Can you wake up earlier and sleep later? Stop hanging out and drinking on weekends? How about When kids are napping? Maybe you should Stop watching your favorite tv show every Thursday night?

Truth is — having kids shouldn't be an excuse it should be a motivator. Every Time you look at your kid it should remind you to go harder than ever before. That’s why it comes down to:

“How bad do you want it and do you believe you could win?”

Now you may not be 22 years old like me, that can risk it all and if I lose I could still call mommy to see if I could move back in the basement. I know, You may not be that lucky but if your a 36 year old single mom raising 4 kids it’s time for you to figure out what you’re good at , eliminate the dumb shit and straight beast. You have a chance to win bigger than ever before! You just have to hustle harder than everyone else! Remember It’s not about needing more time, it’s what you do within the few hours you do have. No Excuses.

Lead by example (Your kids are watching ;)
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