Uh… what does one say in this things, I’m a little hesitant whenever it comes to posting online or in general someone asking me to describe how my day was.. well, here goes..

It’s the first day of bootcamp well actually it’s the first day of remote bootcamp-if I can call it that or let’s call it “extended homestudy” from the official title. Well first two tests have been a walk in the park but the rest I think are like trying to swim through the english channel to say the least of it.

“Collaboration! collaboration”, they said. Time to seek help from the soon to be Andelan’s I met on Self learning clinic day to see if they can assist me with my woes..

Hmm.. good insights but I’m still stuck with bugs!! “Hey what’s that? A bug. “A bug you say?” “Yes bugs” bugs over here…, bugs over there…, bugs everywhere…Only these ain’t the kind to give you the hibby jibbies but more of a brain anurism from just thinking about them

That’s why I’m writing this now, to cool off mi head, need water too for this nuclear reactor, feelings of despair and others creeping in… need to readjust

I’m actually late reporting this

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