Firefox Looks To Get Back In The Game

Mozilla Firefox is looking for some love. Chrome so thoroughly dominates the browser scene, their new effort is an effort that had to be made or risk slipping into irrelevancy.

Firefox may have something up it’s sleeve, and it’s called, for now, “Firefox Quantum.” Techspot has the details on it, and you can download the beta version here. (It will overwrite your current installation of Firefox BTW, unlike the current Chrome beta which is a standalone. I found this out the hard way.) And it’s OK to click on these videos.

It’s got a new look to it, is positively blazing fast, and when you’re browsing, speed kills. I’m not talking about the puny little phone browsers- this is desktop stuff.

Google’s Chrome dominates the landscape, with a command lead in the browser market. Used to be, it was just Internet Explorer and Netscape. Then the playing field began to include others like Apple’s Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox, Opera, and in 2008, something called “Chrome.” With the search muscle of Google behind it, Chrome took over in a relatively short period of time.

In this Neowin chart from earlier this month, it shows Chrome has a massive advantage although growth has slowed since everyone uses it. IE continues to plummet as Microsoft has pulled support. Firefox is stable at around 12% of the market, with Microsoft’s IE replacement Edge a total flop. Safari and “Other,” (Opera, for example) are the other also-rans.

There’s another browser out there you may not be aware of, from Olaf, Sven and his band of crazy Norwegians up Oslo way. It’s called Opera Neon, and I promise you it’s nothing like anything you’ve ever surfed with. It’s so advanced, I can’t even describe it. See this? That’s my desktop with Neon running.

It takes your most popular sites and turns them into little balloons you click on to take you there. Or something. You can get it here.

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