Sprint One: The start of it all

For our first sprint we were given a target audience, which in our case were Grandpa/Grandma, and given the scenario of making their car ride easier for them. The scenario we choose as a group was a Grandma hears a siren in the background and immediately has to switch lanes to the right side.

The device we created was to allow her to immediately check for blind spot as it is very easy to get in a car accident because of it. Our device works immediately when she uses her turning signal and gives her an image of what the side of her car is seeing on the screen. From that point on if it is safe for her to make the switch it will pop up on her side mirror that is clear to cross, if not her steering wheel will lock into place until it is clear for her to make the switch.


The reason why I liked the technique this week is because we were first asked a simple question of who is your target audience when driving, very generic answers were given and as the question got more specific the deeper we had to stretch our thinking. We were forced to think of it in unique ways rather than see it from the one angle we were stuck in from the very beginning.