I’m a Millennial and I support Hillary Clinton

I’ll just come right out and say it — I love Hillary Clinton. The day she announced her candidacy on Twitter I immediately went to her website and donated and I’ve pretty much been donating small increments weekly since then. I’ve never done this for any politician ever…

I still ask myself why I am so excited and passionate about Hillary and I think I can distill it down to a few simple points:

I truly believe that she can win — If we (Democrats) are going to successfully defeat the Republican establishment we need to put forth the strongest candidate. A candidate that can bridge the gap with independents, rally underrepresented groups less likely to vote and win swing states including Florida*, Ohio*, Pennsylvania* and Virginia. Hillary is the candidate to get this done. *states she carried in the 2008 Primary

She believes not only in Woman’s Rights but Human Rights — from comprehensive immigration reform to equal pay to supporting the LGBT community. Hillary has consistently voted for, and championed, legislation that has strengthened equality in the workplace and in our communities.

She is not a single issue candidate —While Sanders has built his entire campaign around wealth inequality, an extremely worthy pursuit, his positions on foreign policy, immigration and healthcare remain somewhat weak and non-specific. Meanwhile Hillary has laid out comprehensive plans for immigration reform, extending and strengthening Obamacare and a robust foreign policy agenda. Lest we forget before it was Obamacare it was Hillarycare — Hillary’s 1993 Health Security Act bill was the first bill presented to congress that outlined plans for a universal healthcare system.

I think its important to remember that Bernie’s plan for addressing wealth inequality will require addressing not only domestic policies but also foreign policies. That’s why its important that we have a strong foreign policy president — There has not been a more important time than now to ensure that we elect a strong foreign policy president. From unrest in Syria, to the proliferation of ISIL, to economic instability in China and Western Europe — America’s foreign policy agenda is of the utmost importance. I’m deeply concerned by Bernie’s lack of foreign policy prowess or experience. Yes, Sanders can surround himself with the brightest, most prominent experts on foreign policy but ultimately foreign policy decisions are made by our commander-in-chief. Hillary’s experience as Secretary of State under Obama and her comprehensive foreign policy agenda far outweigh Sanders’ plan which seems to consist mainly of reminding the American voters of his 2002 Iraq War voting record.

Whether you’re voting for Hillary, Bernie or you’re undecided I guess the thing that I’m most excited about with this year’s presidential race is that it’s showing, more than ever, that both Democratic candidates are running issues-oriented campaigns that are forcing both candidates to execute better campaigns. I believe the Clinton v. Sanders fight is elevating the debates and truly allowing for more edification and education of the American public and this is truly what Democracy should be about.

Hey and maybe the best thing to unite the party and the country is a joint ticket? Who knows, crazier things have been proposed…

Special thanks to @AndrewSweet who inspired me to write this post. While he’s a Bernie supporter I like we can still be friends and have a healthy debate.