A Few Ways to Stop Overthinking Everything

Chances are that you tend to find yourself overthinking about almost everything in life from paying the rent, getting that promotion to maybe even what you will cook for dinner tonight. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Studies have shown that the vast majority of the population falls victim to this phenomenon even though there has been published studies linking overthinking to a lack in performance overall. After all, we are all just humans, but this doesn’t mean that there is nothing we can do to either minimize the negative affects, and/or stop it for the most part. After a short survey conducted on the BrioHive Staff here, we complied a list of habits that people could deploy in their lives in hopes of achieving this feat of lessening the negative affects associated with overthinking. We experienced some changes after only a few months of actively, and consciously making an effort to stop. Your experiences may be different in some ways, but before getting into this list we thought it was important to share that there may be some level of frustration that arises from attempting to break this habit. Making a lifestyle, and mental change like this requires a great deal of effort, and conscious proficiency, but the results are well worth it. There is no doubt in our minds that you are completely capable of accomplishing this change. Just remember that change is a process you are continually engaged with, and nothing fruitful in life comes as a result of making no change in life. Embrace this next step in your evolution, and stop overthinking your way into a mental abyss. We hope that our list brings about a level of happiness, and productivity that has perhaps been suffering or missing in your life. Godspeed, Friends.

A few Ways to Stop Overthinking Everything

Control What Your Can and Let Go of What You Cannot

There are aspects in life that are just out of our control, no matter how much we don’t want to admit it. Getting into an accident, sudden shifts in weather, gas prices, what others think about you, the past, and traffic are a few of the things we constantly stress over, but have virtually no control of. Instead of finding yourself bitting your fingernails over things you cannot change, let it go and redirect your focus on things that you can control, and change. It’s simply not worth the added worry on your mind, and possible affects on your health. Let it go, and move on!

Bring Yourself Back to Baseline

Sometimes there are moments where you find your mind drifting on thoughts that would better go ignored. Easier said than done, we know, but that doesn’t mean this is the end-all. Being able to bring yourself back to a happy baseline is crucial in ensuring your time spent in a happier place far surpasses the time spent in a mental bog. If you find yourself stressing over something, especially over what you cannot control, stop…take a deep breath…realize where you have drifted and quickly bring yourself back to your baseline. This is your reset button, the place where you were before you began to drift. Know your baseline, and always have a beacon to help you return to it.

Exercise to Decompress

You’ve heard this time and time again, but have you actually committed to including this into your daily routine yet? Numerous studies have shown the benefits of exercise across a broad scale to include increased mental capacity, and ability to handle stress. Whether it be a quick run around the block, a session lifting weights, some time on a wrestling mat, or one of our favorites…yoga…the affects are amazing. The next time you find yourself overthinking about this and that, switch your focus onto what your workout will look like after work. Take a moment and write out your exercise plan, weight loss goals, and perhaps even some new diet ideas. Both the mental and physical time spent in this area will benefit you in many ways as well as prevent you from thinking about what you shouldn’t.

Understand the Bigger Picture

It seems that it’s usually the little things that tend to bug us the most…something like a death of a thousand paper-cuts. Being able to understand the bigger picture will allow you to not only identify some of these potential pitfalls, but also redirect your stress onto larger tasks in life. For example, instead of overthinking about a recent grade you received in class, focus on the bigger picture here. Understand that you are working towards a bigger degree, and that the class was a mere step in that direction. Refocus your efforts into the current class, ace that, and then move onto accomplishing the bigger task of earning your degree. Once you realize the larger scope of things, the more minor aspects barely even survive in the shadows.

Surround Yourself with the Same

It’s no secret that what you think is in direct correlation to whom you choose to think it with. Finding a group of people that not only support your efforts, but also share a common view in these regards is invaluable. Overcoming overthinking is difficult enough, but can you imagine trying to accomplish this in a circle that doesn’t not have your best interests in mind? Take a moment to examine your current circle of friends, and notice what level of overthinking they currently engage in. Are they making changes to overcome this themselves or rather perpetuating the cycle without making any efforts to change it? If you find them not in line with your current goal, well then the decision is simple. You have to surround yourself with a valuable support system that will help contribute to your overall development as a person. Anything less is honestly just doing you a disservice, and further damaging your potential to stop overthinking most events in life.

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