Finding Your Path to Happiness

Time has many qualities…both desirable and otherwise that we tend to fall victim to one way or another. Whether it fall within it’s generous gift of developing more memories in life or the objectionable nature that usually associates with regret due to the loss of. Whichever the case may be, finding a way to manage these aspects effectively, all the while continuing to push towards that dense forest of doubt and tribulation is an absolute must if you are ever to find that clear path to walk upon. A path clear of any obstructions, paved with pristine masonry, and an inviting clarity furnished to ensure that this road to joy will never again be one difficult to find. The irony is that even though this path may be, for the most part, clear of most obstructions, it however is not completely free of them. There will be bumps and bruises suffered as a result, but it matters very little in regards to attaining that which brings your joy, because simply put…problems are just that…problems. They are not big problems nor small…they are just problems that need to be worked out at some time. Our perspective of these issues seems to be a critical driving point in providing the favorable probability of success or the doomed standpoint of failure. How we choose to view and approach our issues determines, often times before the race even begins, who will capture that checkered flag in life. If you find instances where that flag is being routinely missed due to this and that, and everything uncontrollable by you, well then there is an entirely different issue there all together. For the sake of simplicity, lets delve into that at a later time, but lets continue on with our current scope. Now that you understand that our perspective greatly shapes our outcome for success, allow us to make a statement in which most will not want to hear, and perhaps reject completely. You are the only reason for the unhappiness in you life right now. Nobody else, just you. Don’t worry though, you aren’t alone in this, as the majority of our staff, when this topic arose, seemed to suffer from similar mindsets. There has been a great deal of time spent, with much heartache, running away from this fact. As somewhat mentioned before, life at times seems to mimic the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ Many find themselves running frantically through these dense forests we create with no clearing in sight. We allow the branches, and vines to overcome any progression that is possible, and often times replace our hope with dread as a result. When no clearing…no hope is found…we blame other circumstances on our ploy rather than accepting responsibility for our own destiny. Is it the Big Bad Wolf chasing us the whole time or is more accurate to say that it is just reality catching up? This are questions that only you can answer, but respectfully, how many times have you stopped to not only acknowledge, but to address them? Perhaps your focus needs a recalibration, and a better sense of accountability. If you find yourself amidst a dense forest with no seeming clearing in sight, then you owe it to yourself to stop, think, and the pursue with a goal in mind. Otherwise, you may feverishly dodge branch after branch, find yourself hurdling fallen logs of once robust oak only to realize that you went nowhere quick. A destructive circle in which you do not wish to find yourself entrapped in, but if you do, know that the escape to this void comes with a simple decision to account for your faults, and work to learn from them. It’s absolutely ok to make mistakes in life, and some will argue that the lessons learned as a result are invaluable, and we tend to agree. However, there is no benefit resulting from executing the same mistake over and over again, with detriment to your being, and not learning a thing from it. This is completely counterproductive to any sense of well being, and progression in your life. Reality, we mean a true “gut-check,” hits like a truck, and knocks every bit of that empty breath out from your lungs a times. It’s ok…don’t fret. There is strength in absolving your faults, embracing them as lessons taught, and using that knowledge to move towards your road to happiness. Realize that the air trapped in them pipes is nothing more than dingy, barren volume that you needed to vent from your system. Perhaps some of us seem to best learn the hard way as long as productive learning occurs. Breathe…this is your time of rebirth, your time of evolution. Let it go, and understand that there is new air…new life, waiting to rejuvenate those bronchi. Focus on your next breath, and the one after that. Feel the cool sensation fill, and revitalize you with something fierce like Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Feel that fire burn within, and take this newfound vigor, and apply it to your journey. Face your flaws without fear, because it is exactly these flaws that will not only fuel your desire to find happiness, but also remind you of what you can never be again…full of excuses, and fear. It takes a very strong individual to not only face their fears, but also face them with 100% truth. Most of the time, we’d be surprised at not only how the fault lies within us, but also how often we fail to acknowledge it. That Big Bad Wolf can huff and puff all he wants, but the fact is that until you can honestly face your own shadows, your house will only ever be made of straw. Until that day comes where you can look into the mirror, accept your flaws, and devise a plan to address them one by one, brick will never encompass your castle. To grow in life is to learn, and to learn is to break the bonds that enslave your happiness. Sri Daya Mata once said, “Do not blame others for the way you are. Your situation is exactly what you yourself has created.” Friends, there is no such destiny, but the one which we create for ourselves. If you are unhappy in any aspect of your life, face it. Confront it, and then embrace it. For this is the first, and most important step in your process of evolving, and finding real happiness in life. Without that, you will forever wear out the soles of your shoes without even having transversed an inch in the direction that you truly wish. Isn’t it time you took responsibility for your entire life, and hopefully take a step in the right direction? If you deem it so, then take one of those new breaths, exhale your fear(s), and allow your heart to guide your journey. Godspeed, Friends.

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