Can Poetry Bring You Closer to Your Deep Intuition? …

What has deepened since working with the last questions? What has opened in you as a result of your inquiry?

I heard a podcast with Stanislov Grof, a Czech psychiatrist and one of the founders of transpersonal psychology who researches non-ordinary states of of consciousness, and he mentioned that with all the modalities of psychiatry and psychology today it is best to pick one that attracts you and stick with it. In relating this to our discussion about deep intuition, the recommendation is to pick one mode of inquiry that appeals to you and that has an intuitive feel. What course of action calls you. He believes that we need to make these decisions on our own. Certainly, we can ask questions and seek information yet the key to build our intuition is to use our deep intuition to start to develop the trust and awareness that is necessary to build a depth of experience.

The intuitive voice, the unconscious voice, the wisdom voice within can be a very quiet voice, one that is best to approach humbly. It is usually straight forward, honest, and clear. So if we hear a debate going on in our head or a strategy forming it is usually not intuitive but our conscious strategizing mind. Showing gratitude is a thoughtful way of appreciating what comes which builds trust in our own process of inquiry.

Wanting to bring Poetry to people in a new way is one of these intuitive stepping stones for me. My love of Poetry and the metaphorical significance it brings to humanity is a gateway to fostering a deep intuitive experience. Poetry can be a guiding tool to help us learn how to have an experience of deep intuition and awareness.

I am curious if poetry brings emotion to other people. I am starting a podcast to see if people are willing to experience emotions that come to them as a result of feeling the power of the metaphorical language that poetry evokes. I trust the three themes, Awareness, Transformation, and Deep Intuition will open people to a new awareness of poetry and therefore their own inner poetic life.

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