Heavy-Duty Briquettes Machine Manufacturer of the modern industrialization era- The Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools

We at Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools always strive hard to come up with advanced and innovative Bio-mass Briquetting Machines that delivers quantum of output in the form of Briquettes. These high-quality Briquettes are eco-friendly and do not contaminate the environment. Briquettes produce the same amount of energy as any other fossil fuels without leaving any harmful residue. The best part of these Briquetting Machines is that they convert the waste of agriculture, forest and industries into Bio-fuel.

Why briquettes and what it is exactly?

Briquette is a compressed block of agricultural waste or coal dust or other combustible biomass material such as wood chips, cotton Salk, jute waste, sawdust, wheat straw, rice husk, sugarcane bagasse, Peanut and peat etcetera and flammable substances kindling to ignite a fire.

Briquetting is a process to change the loose biomass residues into proportional solid blocks which can be used as an alternative Biofuel. Biomass briquettes have substituted fossil fuel or wood for cooking and in various industrial processes. They are easy to maintain, transport and store. The biomass briquettes are the 100% natural green fuels that provide dual benefits of keeping your Environment Clean and Generating Revenue for the economic development.

How Jay Khodiyar Machine tools are being used?

“Jay khodiyar machine tools” (www.briquettemachine.com) is developing and sophisticating to the briquetting industry by providing enormous brilliant machineries to many industrialist and countries throughout the globe. It has dedicated it’s all resources towards the development and growth of briquetting Plant, Briquetting Machine and Briquetting Press industry. JK machine tools (a subsidiary unit of JK group) — has been promoting renewable energy machines across the globe since 21 years gloriously. All the dedication, experience and expertise are used in the R&D on making Briquetting Machines for the economy and for a healthy environment. This is the attitude we maintained from our first day of establishment till the day and make us the reliable manufacturer of briquetting machines and place where we stand today in renewable energy field. Acquiring new technologies and adaptability in Renewable Energy since 1994, have grown us to Jay Khodiyar group and briquetting plant consultant for many established entrepreneur across the world. We were the pioneers of manufacturing Briquetting Machine and its equipment with the highest sales count till date. We feel proud to say that we have installed successfully 1900+ projects in more than 65+ countries with satisfied clients across the globe.

How we influenced people from every corner of the world to make a pollution free environment!?

There are many developed countries produce huge amount of agro residues. When they are used inefficiently these residues and dumped that causes extensive pollution to the environment. Every year tones of crop residues are wasted leading to environmental pollution in many agricultural countries. Considering this, Jay Khodiyar has initiated a project known as “Biomass Briquetting Machine” which is a process for converting agro-forestry waste in to Biomass Briquettes. We are Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of top quality “Biomass Briquetting Plant,” Biomass Crusher, Biomass Dryer and Rotary Dryer which enables to create green fuel projects and Eco-friendly Environment. For more details about our briquetting machines please visit our website www.briquettemachine.com.