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In recent years I’ve moved my design career from animation and interaction design to data visualization. While my prior work experience certainly helped in the transition, I found that what has always shaped my visual work the most is the discipline of classical piano.

When I’m exploring a data set and working through hypotheses of how to visually encode and express the information, it’s nearly always the structure, craft, and art of classical piano interpretation and performance that inform my process. …

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What is #codevember and why would you do it? For the past couple years I’ve noticed interesting generative art popping up on social media in November with this hashtag. According to codevember.xyz:

This year I decided to give it a try, and use November as a time to learn Processing (p5.js)and …

What did the big dipper look like to the first Neanderthals? What will it look like to our descendants 100,000 years from now?

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astrophysics, how hard could it be?

I came across the Reddit DataIsBeautiful Monthly Battle thing in late February, and saw that the March challenge would be about stellar data. Specifically, the HYG Stellar Database. This was an open-ended challenge to do something interesting with the ~119k rows of information about stars.

deciphering the data

The first task was downloading the .csv and starting to figure out what each of the features of the data were.

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The git readme was a decent starting point for explanations:

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I found the color index system both confusing and completely unrelated to any other color description system I’d worked with. But after a reasonably short time searching stackoverflow I found this codepen which seemed to do a good job translating color index to hex values. …


Brian Romer

data viz guy, dad, kitesurfer, Indian chef, classical pianist, former Californian, not necessarily in that order

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