More importantly how often is this happening in other communities?
Women Developer Removed From a Women in Tech Group
Lance Gleason

I’ve been in this position. It’s so frustrating and it totally makes you feel completely helpless. If you can’t reach out to the women in tech in your area, who can you? I tried to help out in a local tech meetup for women, and after leaving a job I was unhappy at, I saw a shift and was essentially removed from the group by the organizer for being seen as “more successful”, or some other reason I never understood.

I feel as though many women are still stuck in a mindset of competition, and that there are only so many places at the table, but there really is space for all of us. If we can all work together, and push one another, and help one another grow and succeed, the world is going to be an incredible place.

This is frustrating, to say the very least. We need to stick together.

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