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When you are experiencing a few problems with leaking, finding a brand-new roof doesn’t have to be the only alternative applicable for your problem. Consider all the benefits of re-roofing instead.

The phrase re-roofing means instaling a new layer of roofing onto the existing one. This solution is less expensive than having an over-all roof replacement, plus it’s much faster, and very reliable.

As a first step to whether you might have re-roofing, and not a roof replacement, you should check the general condition your roofing is currently in.

Roofing Condition

Examine your roof carefully, minding any causes of leaking, or structural flaws. Note down the number of as well as how severe are the causes of leaking. If there are many significant leakages and the structure of your roof is visibly disturbed, do not hesitate and look at the Roof Replacement section to understand more about installing a brand new roof. For problems less serious and with roofs that are still structurally stable, it’s alright to perform re-roofing. Remember, to have your roofing assessed by a professional, roofing contractors at Brisbane Roofing Services will be more than happy to help you make the perfect decision.

Reduced Costs and Time

With re-roofing services many expenses, i.e. labor costs, are reduced. Furthermore, the costs of building supplies are also minimized when re-roofing. Every expense associated with getting the old roof off, getting rid of the debris, and dumping fees, are missed in the calculations. Climate conditions including rain, wind etc. can affect the roofing frame during the long exposure while the new roof is in the process of being installed — there is no such risk with re-roofing. Re-roofing could be the fastest and very effective way to solve mild leaking problems without taking major refurbishing measures. Brisbane Roofing Services specializes in providing professional re-roofing services.

Re-roofing Material

To get a peace of mind worth of a generation it’s advisable to use high-quality roofing products only. Fielders, and COLORBOND® steel arestrong metal roofing products worth recommending, for more information visit the Metal Roofing section.

Brisbane Roofing Services has experienced roofing experts who can help you select the best re-roofing product. Trusting well-known manufacturers such as Fielders, or BlueScope Steel with your metal roofing product guarantees full satisfaction. In addition, Brisbane Roofing Services a licensed roofing contractor will ensure that your roofing is installed professionally according to the manufacturers’ guidelines, which is a condition required to receive the warranty for your BlueScope Steel or Fielders’s roofing products.

No need for Permit

If there are no changes in the roofing frame plannedin the process of your re-roofing, The Council of Brisbane doesn’t demand having any permits. See the Roof Replacement section for additional information about permits needed to begin work. You’ll find comprehensive info on any construction permits at

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