Bootstrap stats : v4-dev vs. v3

Sometimes I’m curious if a product is being developed. We use Bootstrap on all of our websites and I saw some people are curious about Bootstrap version 4 too. Let me share some activity graphs.

Bootstrap v4 is being developed in v4-dev branch. To see an activity in v4-dev branch go to and select bootstrap\v4-dev\twbs in the top left menu. You can see a master branch (version 3) if you select bootstrap\twbs in the top left menu. You can easily compare activity in these two branches by changing the top left menu. There is also a tutorial.

From the graphs, you can see a lot of code is being refactored. From a total size report, you can see the dev branch has a smaller size, which is a good thing. For convenience here is a comparison of a few selected reports:

Monthly commit activity
Bootstrap v4–dev branch
Bootstrap master branch
Commits and contributors
Line additions, removals
Approximate total size (regular commits only)
Contributor activity 2014/06 - 2016/02

Correlation between line additions, line removals, commits and total changed size of all contributors in the last 20 months. A bigger bubble means more commits. A color shows bytes changed including binary files.

v4–dev (left) vs. master
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